Developed to educate. Designed to inspire. The JA’s Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center provides students with a 360-degree educational experience that will give them the understanding and confidence to take control of their careers, financial futures and dreams. Check out this video to learn more:

Volunteers serve as professional role models to students leveraging their own life experiences to bring authenticity and credibility to the programs. They assume the role of mentor and coach to a small group of 5-7 students guiding them through the real-life decisions they will need to make in the simulation. JA will provide guidance & training for you and free Chick-fil-A lunch! It’s easy to sign up using the form below.

What: JA Finance Park (7th grade)

JA Finance Park allows students to experience their personal financial futures first-hand. Upon entering the center, students receive a ‘life scenario’ that includes their career, gross annual income, education, and family situations. Based on their adult persona, students visit real businesses within the simulation to gather information about different financial decisions in order to complete a balanced household budget.

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Where: JA’s Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center

Located at the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta

When: Tuesday, March 22nd

8:00am Volunteer Arrival & Check-in
8:30am Volunteer Training
9:45am Student Arrival
11:30am Lunch Break
2:30pm Student & Volunteer Departure

For More Information:

Tarah Agbokhana
Direct: +1 404-853-5290

Michelle Ellis
Direct: +1 404-460-8298