The anticipated new development in the Atlanta healthcare real estate sector is happening, with multiple projects set to break ground by the end of the year, and several others in the 2016 pipeline. With vacancy being driven further downward, this development was inevitable to come online in the near future.

What that low vacancy is also sparking is an unprecedented amount of competition among prominent healthcare facilities in the metro area, for patients and for real estate that can put them in position to attract patients looking for a high level of care.

That’s beginning to set off a burgeoning turf war, wherein hospitals that traditionally stayed in their respective zones and didn’t intrude upon one another are now making inroads into each other’s territory. With the population growing and people demanding more and better healthcare options, these hospitals feel little choice but to go where the patients are, even if that means going head to head in a competing facility’s area.

To find out more about the status of the healthcare market and the turf war, including which hospital is going to be the first to make its move, watch the video above from Cushman & Wakefield Healthcare Practice Senior Director George Olmstead.